Neljapäev, 29. aprill 2010

Estonia’s confidence gives positive signal to all of Europe

Max Kaur vastas The Baltic Times küsimustele

Max Kaur is a well-known public figure in Estonia. He is a politician; a deputy on the Tallinn City Council, as well as the founder and leader of the Estonian social movement that is against gambling. Kaur is also the first in the EU to establish the public protest called the ‘Anti-Casino’ movement. Thanks to Kaur’s efforts, the new Gambling Act entered into force on January 1, 2009, in Estonia, which regulates the organization and state supervision of gambling in the country and on ships sailing under the Estonian flag. After winning the Tallinn City Council election for deputy, Kaur was also elected as the vice-president of the Legal Commission of the Tallinn City Council, and appointed a member of the Financial Commission of the Tallinn City Council....