esmaspäev, 24. märts 2008

Dalai Laama vastas Eesti kasiinovastastele.

Eesti kasiinovastased pöördusid Dalai Laama poole, kus tutvustasid oma eesmärke ja kutsusid Ta külla. Ka nendel ärevatel päevadel leidis Dalai Laama aega meile vastata. Täname Teda ja loodame Teda tulevikus Eestis jälle näha. Miks mitte ka kasiinovastasel protestil. Kahjuks pole aga Eesti Rahandusminister meie poolt saadetud kirjale vastanud. Sotsid võiksid Dalai Laamast eeskuju võtta.

Siin Dalai Laama vastus: Mr. Max Kaur Anti Casinos Movement of Estonia Email:
Dear Mr. Kaur,
This is to acknowledge receipt of your email dated February 25 inviting His Holiness the Dalai Lama to visit Estonia during a convenient time in the future.

Thank you for your invitation. I regret to inform you that His Holiness will not be able to accept. His Holiness’ travel schedule for 2008 and even most of 2009 is already confirmed. There are a number of visits planned, both within India and abroad. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate your invitation in an existing visit nor are we able to schedule a separate visit. In all honesty, we receive many invitation requests for His Holiness and it is not possible for us to accept the majority mainly due to the lack of time in His Holiness’ full schedule. More importantly, in view of His Holiness' age and our concern for ensuring His Holiness' continued good health, we are trying to reduce his overall engagement schedule, especially those involving visits that are always very demanding and tiring. We hope you will understand our situation.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in Tibet. We would suggest you contact our representative office in London who may be able to help you provide more information on Tibet and what you can do to help. Their contact address is: The Office of Tibet, 1 Culworth Street, London NW8 7AF England Tel: 0044-20-7722 5378 Fax: 0044-20-7722 0362 Email:

Best wishes. Yours sincerely, Tenzin Taklha Joint Secretary Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama Thekchen Choeling McLeod Ganj Dharamsala, H.P. 176 219 INDIAPh.: +91 - 1892 - 221343, 221210, 221879 Fax: +91 - 1892 - 221813